Wednesday, July 6, 2011

DHI Deepcast JUL11

Keep on grooving....Tune in to my latest podcast for July 2011 and enjoy a selection of the hottest underground dance tracks in the electronic music world right now! Full Tracklist below.

direct link:

(Format: Track -Remixer Artist Label)
1    Don't Call Me Artist Aki Bergen Tronic Soundz
2    30 Lengths Alex Jones Connaisseur
3    Garage Is Back - Matthew Styles Remix BLM Fear of Flying
4   I'll Be Your Friend - DZeta N' Basile Remix Robert Owens     1trax
5    Shower Scene - Mic Newman Remix Huxley Act Natural
6    Curcuma - Milton Jackson Remix Mario da Ragnio Caballero
7    Black Paint - Larry Heard's After Dark Mix Moodymanc Tsuba
8    Cicadas - Maya Jane Coles Remix Tom Middleton ITH
9    Murnina Huxley Off
10   The Juggler Deetron Get Physical
11   Add Arp Jay Shepheard Retrofit


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