Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Deepcast MAR11 - presented by SoulRay

March 2011 Deepcast -- This month's episode counts with tracks and unreleased promos from the following labels: Home Audio, House on the Left, Fazed Music, Monoplastic, Pole Position, Southpark, Headtunes, Pampa, PMR, Baker Street, Doppelgänger, Dieb Audio, Clubstar, Troncisole, 2020 Vision, Heartbeat Revolutions, Kittball, Entrainment, So Sound. Tracklist including artists/remixers below:


1.  Can Be Other (Giom Remix) - Giovanni Damico – Home Audio/promo
2.  House On The Left (Bicep Remix) - Tal M. Klein – House on the Left/promo
3.  Deep Disco (Damien Bailey & Ktheo Remix) - John Larner – Fazed Music/promo
4.  Monoplastic (Michael McLardys Deeper Mix) – Ludowick- Monoplastic/promo
5.  jazz jazz jazz - Moving Cities – na/promo
6.  Feel It Deep Inside - Billy Goat and Christian Priess – Pole Position/promo
7.  Inflight Movement - Jesus Pablo & Di Riviera – Southpark/promo
8.     The Ride (Joshua Iz Dub Ride) - Do It Proper – Headtunes/promo
9.  Purple Drank - Axel Boman - Pampa
10.Battle For Middle You - Julio Bashmore - PMR
11.Kiss Goodnight - Michael Mclardy – Baker Street
12.Nada Personal - Julian Sanza - Doppelgaenger
13.I Dreamed The Impossible (Simon Garcia's Future Funk Remix) - Matthias Vogt – Dieb Audio
14.Herbal Cake (The Revenge Rubdown) - Space Ranger - Clubstar
15.Head On A Stick (Dominic Martin Edit) - Palm Skin Productions - Tronicsole
16.Runaway – Martin Dawson, Glimpse – 2020 Vision
17.Cocinando Flores – Gustavo Russo, Julian Sanza, Canu – Heartbeat Revolutions
18.Omolo - Chris Lattner - Kittball
19.Pacific Dream (Ooft Remix) - Denny Trajkov - Entrainment
20.Kosmic Nebula - Toomy Disco – So Sound


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